Birdpeople (AX) - Voodoo Music Club - ravintola HRH - 3.11.2018

Voodoo Music Club - ravintola HRH

Lauantaina 3.11.2018 - klo 20.00 

Klo 18.00 artistihaastattelu kahvila Riossa.  

Ravintola Hard Rock House
Roihuvuorentie 1, 00820 Helsinki

Kahvila Roihuvuoren Rio
Roihuvuorentie 9, 00820 Helsinki 


Birdpeople (AX)  

Ahvenanmaalainen Birdpeople laskeutuu Voodoo Music Clubille esittämään upeaa uutta syntikoilla höystettyä menomusikkiaan marraskuun ensimmäisenä lauantaina. Tätä harvinaista herkkua ei kannata missata!

Näin yhtye kuvailee itse uuden EP:nsä syntyä:

"We wrote and recorded the EP in Existensminimum’s semi-finished basement studio, in the midst of a beautiful clutter of vintage synthesizers, construction materials, and every conceivable variety of aural paraphernalia.
It took us the better part of the summer of 2017 to work out how to make these songs come alive on stage. It was imperative that we tried to preserve the tactile feel of hardware sound sculpting that we had drawn so heavily on in the studio; computers felt like such a bore. So instead we ended up with this semi-sentient electronic juggernaut made up of synths, samplers, effects units, a 4-track cassette recorder, and lots of odds and ends. It’s a highly unpredictable way to make noise, but immensely rewarding."

Amanda Blomqvist: drums, drum pads, synthesizers, vocals.
Cecilia Wickström: synthesizers & electronics.
Jakob Lavonius: vocals, electric guitar, bass guitar, electronics.

Live video "The Monument": https://youtu.be/uraNdJ5qo9M

Musavideo "Flesh & Bone": https://youtu.be/L1oy5HrYdVY

Konsertti alkaa Hard Rock Housessa klo 20:00
Liput 15€

Konserttia edeltää yhtyeen yleisölle avoin haastattelu Kahvila Riossa klo 18:00


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/birdpeopleband/



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